Welcome back again

I was fairly certain my last blog iteration wasn’t going to survive very long, so I made a backup of the first post and then pretty much immediately deleted the blog. Here is a copy of it. Good luck everybody (also, spoiler alert, there will be no post schedule, no timeline, this is just when I feel like it):


I’m back! Let’s see if I can stick with a blog this time. For those of you that are new: Hi, I’m Brandon. Nice to meet you. For those that are returning (read, nobody): Welcome back! 

A little background on why I want to write a blog. I have a ton of video games (henceforth known as The Backlog) and have beaten very few of them. I think that having a blog about my journey through The Backlog could be fun for me to write and possibly interesting for other people to read. Here’s a pic of the aforementioned Backlog… 


This is roughly 850 physical games that I now own. If I include everything I’ve grabbed in steam sales the number looks more like 1350. I honestly don’t know if I have enough time left in my life to complete all of these, but I’m going to try. 

So, I’m going to sign off for a little bit. When I come back I will have chosen a game that I want to beat and will come up with some sort of timeline for making blog posts. Til then, check out my social feeds if you want to follow my general ramblings about life. See you soon! 

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