Pausing Crash, Starting Mad Maestro

So I had a couple of problems with my plans to play Crash Bandicoot.

First, my wife and son have been sick for about the last week and that’s left all the normal chores and errands to fall solely on me to complete. So I had to choose between keeping up with life stuff or playing games, and I’m not 20 anymore so life stuff is going to win that fight every time. The family is on the mend though and I’ve got a lot of time off coming up at the end of the month, so I will get back on track with my Backlog journey shortly.

Second, I did have a little bit of time in between taking care of the family and doing the chores/errands to play the game, but came across an interesting bug while doing so. It turns out that the game has difficulty saving when it is being emulated, and as I was playing it on the PS3 that was exactly the case for me. I got it to work about 50% of the time, but after the 3rd or 4th game freeze at the save screen I’m going to have to put a pause on it until I can get a good setup with the PS1 hardware. I’ll hopefully be stopping by a Goodwill in the next few days to grab a CRT TV and finish out my retro gaming hardware setup.

This is where it freezes

Now on to the good news…

My PS2 still works well with my current TV setup so I can pick from 150+ games in the meantime. I chose to start with Mad Maetro, mostly because I think I can beat it quickly and finally score a win.

So far it’s working well and is pretty fun. It reminds me a lot of Parappa the Rapper but is classical music themed instead of hip hop. Hopefully I can report back this weekend with some good news and 1 game down. See ya!

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