So I Broke My Game

PS2 and Mad Maestro on floor

In case you missed my Twitter post, there was an unfortunate incident that left Mad Maestro in a state where my PS2 can’t read it.

Long story short, I was trying to test out my current gaming set up to see if it would wake up the baby if I were to play while he’s sleeping. While I was getting everything loaded up, the baby ran into the room and knocked over my PS2. It seems like there is now a scratch on the disc and now the game shows up as Disc Read Error in the PS2 browse menu. I really hope it’s just a problem with the disc itself and not some bigger issue with the system not being able to read the older blue back games now. I didn’t find another blue back game to test yet but at least the normal silver back games seem to be working fine.

Thats the bad news, the good news is you can’t hear anything in the baby’s room while I have the TV or computer turned up how I usually have it (pretty loud). So I can now enjoy my Backlog gaming while he’s sleeping and not feel guilty about waking him up.

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