Here’s where I’ve been the past month

I legit haven’t played a console game since my last post. What was that like 4 weeks ago? Yea… I’m not doing so hot. Last post ended with me being hopeful that I would have some time during my staycation to play some games. I ended up working a full week that week. Then my kid got very sick 2 weeks in a row starting around Easter, which means work from home and sleepless nights. THEN I decided I would hold work accountable and actually take my time off like planned. I ended up getting called in to work YET AGAIN during the re-do and didn’t get a chance to play games. Work has become a huge problem in my life. They are finally hiring somebody to boost the team headcount and hopefully that means I can actually get away from this damn place.

Other than that…

I’ve been catching up on comics! I used to read DC comics a few years back and slowed down when we had the baby. I’ve been missing it lately and decided to find a local comic shop near the new house and start up a pull list again. I’m also going back through some of DC’s greatest hits that I’ve missed out on in the past and that has been fantastic! Learning some of the deeper history around these characters and the story lines that changed the comic game has been educational to say the least.

One of my good friends also called me up the other day and basically said “we’re getting the band back together!” But in our case, it’s a online gaming clan instead of a band. I’ve been working with him on getting some of the website, chat server, and other type of infrastructure set up so we can have all the tools we need to do well and communicate. I haven’t done the clan thing in a while and forgot how much fun it could be. (If anybody is interested in joining a FFXIV clan then leave a note in the comments and I’ll get you invited).

Back to the topic of the Backlog though. I’ve been working on getting some sort of schedule created so I can actually accomplish this lofty goal. Like any other adult, I have a lot of responsibilities in my life and it hasn’t been easy to find which items to stop doing in order to work on the Backlog. I hope to have a schedule/calendar created that will ultimately lead to me making literally any progress on one of my games. Good luck to me.

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