It’s been a long 6 weeks

…and I haven’t done much work on the Backlog yet again. I was dealing with some stuff in my personal life and it just wasn’t a priority. I think I’m in a good place now in my life and I’m ready to start on some of my projects again, like the Backlog! I’m going to pick up with Final Fantasy 9 where I left off (I know, I’m changing games again, feel free to shake your head in disappointment). I was playing FF9 right before I started this blog, actually, and got away from it out of a need to start fresh for this blog project. That was probably a dumb idea at the time, BUT I did make sure I wrote down a summary of the game up to the point where I paused. Here is that summary, enjoy 😊:

What happened in ff9 so far…


Zidane and crew kidnap Princess Garnet at the start of the game. Turns out she WANTED to be kidnapped. On the way out of Alexandria their airship gets hit and they crash into a forest. Zidane/Princess/Steiner go through the forest and as they are leaving it turns to stone, trapping Blank (I think) inside. Princess decides to change her name to Dagger to avoid suspicion on their journey

At the first village we find out they are manufacturing black mages to be used by Queen Brahne for some as yet unknown purpose. Vivi has an existential crisis, what is life anyways? Team fights their way through the ice cave to meet the first Black Waltz (black mage leader maybe?). After they get through the mountain cave they arrive at Lindblum.

Turns out Regent Cid of Lindblum is Dagger’s uncle. Neat. Zidane participates in the hunt festival where he meets up with an old friend, Freya. After the hunt festival we reconvene at the palace where we learn Dagger has escaped (gasp). As Zidane is leaving to go hunt for Dagger, Freya catches up to him and convinces him to go to Burmecia (Freya’s home country) and help defend it against the black mage army. Guess we now know why Queen Brahne wanted all those black mages.

Zidane, Freya, and Vivi go off to Burmecia and fight all the way up to the throne room, where we see Queen Brahne and some strong crazy looking dude searching for the King of Burmecia (name unknown/I forgot it). Alexandria’s military leader (name also unkown, it’s a lady) fights the team and we lose.

End of disc 1

Cut to Dagger and Steiner going through the mountain pass attempting the get BACK to Alexandria. They get waylaid (sort of) by the remaining crew of the Tantalus and get diverted to Treno, some sketchy ass town near Alexandria where the Tantalus crew is headquartered. There we are searching for clues about something and meet Dagger’s old teacher. He says to meet him at his tower where he lives and he will tell us more about the something we were searching for.

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