Hi, I’m Brandon. Welcome to the 8th or 9th iteration of my blog. Generally the purpose of this blog has been to try and get myself to play through my massive backlog of video games. For whatever reason, I couldn’t seem to stick with doing the blog idea. I’m remaking the blog now because I’m trying to learn WordPress a little better. Maybe this time around it will work with getting me to play through my games. Who knows? If you stick around I’ll try to keep things interesting at least.

So what is the backlog? I’ve been collecting games since college, which at this point is way too long ago for me to want to talk about. I have something like 1500 games sitting on bookshelves right next to this computer I’m typing my about page on. Check my site header. That’s a picture of a few of the shelves from 5 or so years ago. It’s gotten waaaaay worse. So in the past I had a problem with buying games and not playing them. I’m hoping that if I document my backlog, and my struggles sticking with something until I finish it, maybe I’ll finish some of these games and feel a little sense of accomplishment.

Again, who knows? Hopefully, at the very least, you’ll be entertained along the way.